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Beach Quilt Set

This beach quilt set is perfect for those looking for a versatile and stylish quilt set. Features a three panel design with a colorful hawaiian design. This set comes with a 3 inch bottom pie crust and a green leaf quilt.

Beachy Quilt Sets

There are many different ways to create a beachy quilt set. Some people choose to start with a pre-made set, while others use creating your own set. I want to share my personal favorite method which I use. first, take a look at the patterns that are available for your craft level. This will help you to get a sense for the patterning that is needed. If you are starting from scratch, then you will need to find a pattern editor or forum to create the pattern you need. once you have a sense for the patterning, it is time to start creating your own pattern. I like to use a heart-shaped quilt block that is similar in shape to the one you want to create. Once you have a set of patterning for all of your quilt blocks, you can start creating your own pattern. the reason you want to start with a quilt block is because you will want to make more quilt blocks in different shapes and sizes. This will give you the ability to create a set without having to find a pattern editor and start patterning in between sets. You can.

Ocean View Quilt Set

The ocean view quilt set comes with a queen quilt and two matching quilt sheets. The set contains two beach blue floral coastal nautical tropical vibe lightweight 3pc. this 3 piece duvet cover set 1800 series hotel quality ultra soft cover for comforter is the perfect solution for those with a beach lifestyle. Made from the highest quality materials, this set includes a quilt cover and a quiltidas system. the beach queen quilt sets are perfect for those who love to go to the beach. This set includes a bedding set and a bedcover in blue and white. The set also includes a comforter in sea shell and coastal gear. this set of two queen quilt sets is perfect for aurrents or new users of the ocean and beach properties. The sets include a blue comforter bed cover and a beach ocean sea horse shell starfish set. The sets are easy to work with and add a touch of luxury to any room.